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Challenges of Cosmetic Tattoo After Care

Once the permanent makeup technician is done applying the cosmetic tattoo, it is considered as 50% of the work done. The rest of the 50% will depend on the after care, it is a crucial step to having a successful, complication-free cosmetic tattoo. Following the right after care procedures is very important but it can also be very challenging.

Right after the procedure, it is quite common to experience some redness, tenderness and mild swelling around the affected area. It can go on for about two to five days and may include other symptoms such as flaking, drying and itching. If the procedure is done around the eye area, it is common to have some light bruising, puffy eyes and have eyelashes or eyebrows sticking together.

While these after-effects are common, some can experience more challenging issues such pigment loss and infection. These can be prevented by keeping the area clean and protected from dust and dirt as well as following the after-care procedures given by the tattoo technician. Other complications such as allergic reactions and keloid formation can be prevented by informing your technician about your medical history. If you have allergies or prone to keloids, it is best to reconsider having the procedure done in the first place.

The success of your cosmetic tattoo procedure will largely depend on the care you give the treated area while it is healing. Avoid tattoo damage and complications by following these tips:

• Never pick or scratch the tattoo no matter how much you want to.

• Avoid rubbing, rough washing or scrubbing the area.

• Use the right product in the right amount. Putting too much or too little of the ointment can cause pigment loss.

• Do not use too many beauty products on skin especially peeling and exfoliating chemicals.

• Avoid sweating, sun exposure, salt water, chlorine and hot spas, especially during the healing period.

• Do not hesitate to call your technician or health practitioner if you notice any allergic reaction.

• Do not be alarmed of you notice the color fading in the first few weeks. It is quite common and will bloom in full color after the tattoo is completely healed.

• Ensure that you completely understand the correct aftercare procedures. It would be great if your technician can provide written after care procedures and touch-up reminders to avoid confusion.

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