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Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo and Pain Management

A permanent cosmetic tattoo or permanent makeup is often referred to as micropigmentation, it is a process that uses a needle to place colored pigments to the upper layers of the skin. It is a cosmetic technique done very much like a regular tattoo but used to apply makeup to the face particularly the eyebrows, eyelids and lips. Getting a permanent cosmetic tattoo is an elective procedure that one chooses for many reasons.

The decision to get a permanent cosmetic tattoo is a very personal one. It is a decision that should not be entered into lightly, after all it is a tattoo. While a topical anesthesia is applied, it can still involve discomfort and that can vary from one person to another. Each individual has a different level of pain tolerance. What can be a mild discomfort to one person can feel really painful for another. It is also essential for those getting permanent makeup for the first time to get a complete understanding of what the procedure will be like. It is the technician’s job to provide a walk-through of the procedure so that the client will know what to expect. It is the client’s job to prepare for the procedure and have the right mind set to do it.

While the technician will do everything to make the experience as comfortable as possible, it is up to the client to take control of his or her feelings and proceed with a positive attitude. More often, it is the fear of the needle instead of the actual sensation that makes a procedure stressful and feel painful. Going in with a calm and prepared mind can do wonders to the result of the cosmetic tattoo procedure.

If you are considering having a cosmetic tattoo procedure, keep these things in mind:

• Before going in for a procedure, a person needs to know that it is a permanent tattoo, it involves a needle and there will be discomfort. Most importantly, you need to stay still through the process. The success of the entire procedure depends on it.
• Have a thorough understanding of the entire permanent makeup process. Talk extensively with your technician so you can have an idea of what to expect.
• If you have low pain tolerance or can easily get anxious it is important to consult your health care provider and ask them how they can help you with the discomfort.
• Keep a positive mind set. Most often it is the fear that is holding you back.

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