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Tattoos and Permanent Makeup Risk Factors

Tattoos and Permanent Makeup: Risk Factors

People choose to have cosmetic tattoo procedures done for many reasons. Some choose to have permanent makeup because it is a time saver, while others do it because they have physical difficulty applying regular makeup. Cosmetic tattoo, also known as micropigmentation, can be used to camouflage skin imperfections and simulate natural pigmentations as well. It is especially beneficial for people with facial scarring, alopecia or hair loss and lack of skin pigmentation orvitiligo. However, just like any other procedure there are risks and it is important to know them to make an informed decision.

OnTattoo Pigments

The Food and Drug Administration counts the inks used in cosmetic tattooing as cosmetics.The pigments used in the inks are color additives, which are subject topremarket approval under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Through the years the FDA has received reports of infections from contaminated inks, resulting in product recalls and market withdrawals.While the FDA does not traditionally exercise regulatory authority over these color additives and tattoo inks, they continuously to investigate its safety and assess whether additional actions arenecessary to protect public health.

Cosmetic Tattooing Risks

While primary complications from cosmetic tattooing are rare, they do exist.

  • Infection and Blood borne diseases.Unsanitary tattooing practices, use of unsterile equipment, needles and re-used ink can result in a transmission of infectious diseases including bacterial skin infections, hepatitis, HIV and more.
  • Allergic Reactions. Reactions to pigments are reasonably rare but once a reaction occurs it can be very hard to remove. Since the pigment is embedded in the skin, the reaction can happen years later as an immune system allergic reaction or a rash.
  • These are inflamed tissue that form small bumps around the tattoo ink.
  • These are raised tissue that is caused by overgrown scar tissue. If you are prone to keloid formation, it is important to inform your cosmetic tattoo artist.
  • MRI Complications. Although quite rare, some experience burning and swelling of their cosmetic and body tattoos for a short time after having an MRI. There are also reports of tattoo pigments affecting the quality of the MRI images.
  • Tattoo Removal.Advances in laser technology has made it possible to have permanent tattoos removed, however it is still a long and tedious process.

Minimize cosmetic tattoo risks by having your procedures done in a reputable permanent makeup clinic with years of experience and satisfied customers.



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